Looking For A Wholesome Life?

Hello there people of preservatives! I am your saviour, looking to persuade you to step into the light and enjoy a quality lifestyle.
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I watch my friends talking, unloading the superficial status of her day, superior to mine own. I ought to just stop speaking forever, I think to myself with confidence. Silence is comfortable…and safe. Once my friend is done, or at the very least, fed up of my nodding, she makes her way home from the park bench we were sat … Continue reading SILENCE

Monthly Whip: JANUARY

New Years HUH? Well..what’s the best dish to serve a new beginning justice? What is a dish that can imitate that anarchy once the clock strikes 12? A good old MOLTEN LAVA CAKE.    -Courtesy of Paula Deen Ingredients- don’t bake this on an empty stomach 6oz bittersweet chocolate (in squares) 2 (1-ounce) squares semisweet … Continue reading Monthly Whip: JANUARY

Monthly Whip: DECEMBER

CHRISTMAS Yule Log recipe from This (Cool) Website “Yule” be craving this all of winter season! (Just pretend it’s still Christmas..I’m sorry.)    CAKE-ingredients 3 eggs 85g golden caster sugar 85g plain flour (less 2 tbsp) 2 tbsp cocoa powder ½ tsp baking powder ICING AND GOODNESS-ingredients 50g butter 140g dark chocolate, broken into squares 1tbsp Golden … Continue reading Monthly Whip: DECEMBER

My Challenge

A little while ago, I posted an odd little article all about challenging oneself. I still standby that opinion, life is too short to let yourself get bored.

With no purpose of bragging or oversharing, I thought I might speak with you all about how I took my own advice. A very large part of me hopes to inspire or motivate you, because I know posts like mine can sometimes feel like skimmers, the things you read and just nod at without acknowledging the importance of the thoughts behind the article.

I’ll admit I do it all the time; even when someone is talking directly to my face, I just brush off the intentions of the speech entirely. What is even the use?

Here’s the use, and the wake up call:

I joined a club at my school called Alliance of Authors. Basically it’s a band of young and aspiring writers who get a topic, starter or an ideal set of criteria each week, and we have to write a short story to a maximum of four pages revolving that criteria/starter/you know all that I said before..

When I went to my first meeting, the group was about to share their stories. The short had to be based around a mysterious letter being sent to the main character, a pretty open topic.

Mine was a dark “post love story” sort of thing. Basically the first person narrative spoke about the regrouping after his/her wife died. The end has a nice twist to it and in the end I felt quite confident in my work. I shakily had read it aloud at the meeting and when I finished I was embarrassingly close to vomiting on the table and everyone at it;
Not solely because I was nervous, but because I was excited to hear the reaction, blown away by the fact that I actually read one of my stories out loud and extremely cold (irrelevant, but I was).

As I looked up from my journal I felt all the air in the room gather into one word. The supervisor of the club, an English professor at my school beheld my congratulations like Simba from the Lion King.


she whispered.

The room burst into a lighthearted applause and I beamed like a laser.
Sparing the details of ‘my moment’ The meeting concluded with lots of compliments on my story and literal pats on my back.

Now bring a shy person I was careful to accept the praise I was getting but soon let go of my pride in self negligence by realizing These people, they like what I’ve created. I must be pretty good at writing.

I know it sounds boastful but I had no reason to deny myself the happiness did I? I challenged myself and I MADE IT. This was proof that anyone with a ‘back of the mind’ goal can prove them self worthy of praise.

YOU CAN! You CAN do what you set your mind to. You CAN be the winner of your own life.

After the meeting, the teacher asked for a copy of my story and she said I should think about turning in the short to a competition.

I was absolutely honoured. She made me feel like I was living out my dream within an hour.

If I had never taken that chance and decided to join a family of ‘like interest’ people, I would never be able to back up the cheesy statement that had been chalked at us goal never achievers (so to speak).

In conclusion, All I wanted to prove with this long winded story, was that goals can be believed, achieved and blown up into whole new parts of us. I never knew that my writing was good enough for people to listen to. Challenging myself to find out, was the only way I could ever become more of myself than I was the day before.

For once, I took my own advice; For you, and for me.

So here’s my updated quote on challenging oneself. I’d say it’s rather smashing.

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